Reminds Me of Dirty Cotton

Ying and I are home chilling on the couch; I have a spiced rum and coke, he has a strange smell to himself that he wishes to share with my legs and butt, nearly curled in a circle, chin resting on my right foot. This is a big no-no, but I let him snuggle when Brian’s not home. Shhh, don’t tell.

I am watching Access Hollywood for no particular reason. Katy Perry is on. Tesla loves Katy Perry. Those costumes from her tour are amazing.

Wow, Bruce Jenner is really changing his looks.  I’ve never seen his show. I bet that’s crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy, activity on my blog has been crazy, especially yesterday. The Amish Mafia post kicked up a storm. Not as big as Lady Gaga creating her own religion. I’m not sure where balloons fall for popular posts. Don’t mind me. My brain wanders, but does return.

Today was less busy with visits, as the regular followers of Amish Mafia already read it. They’re usually one-shot readers. Instead, today it got specific as comments mounted and defenses on both ends went up. I have no idea if the Amish Mafia people read my regular, usually rather boring, life posts. (I have no idea who reads my blog unless you like or comment) I am the middle of the tug-of-war between one woman, with a supposed load of emails from the lead character, where they have a love affair online. The other end of the rope is another woman involved with a character on the show. Seriously, it could be an episode on the show, except it’s real life.

Moving on, the York Mayor was in a commercial about helping homeless children in York. I met Mayor Bracey at a function for the Youth Center.   We talked quite a bit and she knew Brian well. Brian’s considering a career change.  She would make a great reference.  I think she’s doing a good job. Of course, I don’t walk down West Jackson Street after dark either.

Ying moved to the other end of the couch. I guess my ass and legs weren’t comfortable enough. He needs his hair trimmed. The fuzz on his butt is getting out of control, like squirrels fought a battle there. It reminds me of dirty cotton.

dirty sheep

Thirty minutes till my man is home.


The Amish Mafia King Gives Fair Warning

People contact me all the time with random tips and information about the characters on Amish Mafia. (Thank you, thank you very much.) Trying to verify these tips can be a challenge.

For instance, I’ve been chatting with a woman named Julie since September 2013. Julie met Lebanon Levi in May of the same year. Here’s a photo of the day she somehow snuck into his appearance at the Wolfgang Candy’s introduction of Farmer’s Fair, a candy endorsed by Levi Stoltzfus.

The Farmer’s Fair line will be introduced at the 2013 NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago May 21-23. On hand to introduce these Pennsylvania Dutch-style confections will be Lebanon Levi, star of the hit television series, “Amish Mafia.”

A friend and Central PA neighbor to Wolfgang Candy, Levi is lending his support to launch the line of chocolates produced in the Olde-World Pennsylvania Dutch style. Lebanon Levi will meet and greet Expo attendees in Wolfgang Candy Booth #1759 on Thursday, May 23, between 2:00-4:00 pm.

Levi happy

Levi and Julie both agree that is the day, the ONLY day, they met. After that, things get messy.

Julie stated the following day Levi emailed her and they began an online relationship. Julie fell deeply in love with Levi, him stealing her heart. She claims the feelings were mutual and that they exchanged naked photos with each other.

Levi stated that after he met Julie, she became even more obsessed with him and seriously believed they were in a relationship because she had begun writing to him through an old email. He claims it wasn’t him she was talking to but a friend that had access to his computer and was entertaining himself by pretending to be Levi. (Levi, that’s not a very good friend. You should break his legs.)

Now I haven’t seen the emails and I haven’t seen any photos of Levi in the buff. When I really pushed Julie she said she didn’t have any photos of Levi nude that included his face. Levi said that’s because any photos she has of a naked man is NOT him and he’s sick of her harassing him with her bullshit.

“She’s nuts. She went and got tattoos that are supposed to be for me. Who does that?! She also sent me a letter in the (snail) mail saying she wanted to have sex with me for an hour and a half. I don’t even know how she got my address,” said Levi.

“An hour and a half? That’s rather specific. Is that like a time slot?” I asked Levi, and we both started laughing.

After we stopped he asked, “Seriously though, why would I send naked photos of myself to someone I met at an appearance? She might have photos of someone’s penis, but it’s not mine. Anyone can get photos like that on the internet and say it’s me.”

This is a valid point, but I must add, sometimes people do stupid things with cellphones. Just ask former New York member of the House of Representatives, Anthony Weiner. He resigned from Congress over some weiner photos.

Julie did get two tattoos to represent Levi King Stoltzfus. The tats are well done, so at least she’s not stuck with crappy tattoos for the rest of her life, just tattoos of a guy she feels betrayed her.

Notice the key spells out Levi's initials.

Notice the key spells out Levi’s initials.

The King's sword (see the crown on the handle) stabs her heart.

The King’s sword (see the crown on the handle) stabs her heart.

I did get an email of a voice mail Levi left Julie making it crystal clear he wants her to stay out of his life and if she doesn’t, she won’t like what happens. This is just a fraction of the voice mail but enough that you get the idea. Levi is clearly pissed off and I’m pretty sure pissing off the Mafia Godfather is not a good idea.

“Julie. This is your last warning. I’m not going to fuck around. If you show anyone those pictures of me or show that email, I can sue the fuck out of you and I will. You must be moving to Vegas very soon and you will have nobody left and I’ll take everything you got.”

So Julie did move to Vegas, but I don’t think she ever let go of her love for Levi or the relationship they had, even if it was all in her head.

Was there ever an online relationship and Levi is covering it up or is this just a super fan that can’t let go of the Amish King?

You decide.


Amish Esther Slept with her Sister’s Man

I'mir R. Williams & Esther Schmucker

I’mir R. Williams & Esther Schmucker

I know that Esther Schmucker isn’t on Amish Mafia anymore. That was a great disappointment since following her life on Twitter and Facebook and comparing it to her “life” on Amish Mafia was so much fun. I never understood why she became so aggravated when I showed a personal interest in the lives of the characters and wanted to write about the origins of the show. I have a MUCH better understanding now.

I’ve been told that Esther made a point to tell everyone on the show not to talk to me. What she couldn’t control (besides her own life) were the people NOT on the show messaging me information. Yesterday I got an email from someone whose identity shall remain anonymous. I verified the information I received as best I could. Trying to check with Esther for her input would be pointless.

So I have cut and pasted parts of our email exchanges that were incredibly enlightening. The texts in the red boxes are my responses to the email I received. I always believed Esther was up to no good only because of her reaction to my initial chats with her. Now I fully realize the person she is. With nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook, she has fooled thousands. Her latest post on Facebook claims she has some health issues. I have no idea if she does or doesn’t. If she does I hope she gets well soon. Being sick while you’re pregnant makes things much harder.

Click to open to full size.

Her most recent Facebook status.

Here is the email exchange between myself and someone who claims to know an awful lot about “sweet Esther”.

Click to open the email to full-size.

AM 1

I guess if anyone needs prayers, it’s Esther’s children, especially the one growing inside her belly. And Esther fans. . .I wouldn’t count on seeing her on television or making cooking videos or ever getting that cookbook or apron you ordered.

I imagine this is going to rock Esther’s buggy a bit.


York, PA Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2015

Last year I walked the parade with the York County Youth Development Center. This year I decided to watch the parade and take photos.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Click on the first thumbnail to best view the photos.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


An Amish Mafia Spin-off??

You know what tonight is, don’t you?!  AMISH MAFIA NIGHT!!!!

I’m hanging on every episode now that it’s drawing to an end.  Counting tonight, there are 4 episodes left! Will there be a spin-off? Will Lebanon Levi be part of it?

Maybe Mary and Crazy Merlin will get their own show called Soaking Amish where they dig deeper into the sexual mystery that is Mary. Maybe Levi and Merlin could compete for Levi’s love! Heck, I’m betting she could make both of them happy, but they might need a bigger buggy for road trips.

Ok, so maybe there won’t be a love triangle. It’s a stretch, but isn’t Amish Mafia?

So here’s a little slice of reality for you. I happen to like Levi. Yeah, the surprises never end around here.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time, back when they had the Twitter buggy races, voting for Levi. I even got a t-shirt with a thank you for supporting his virtual race. Not from Levi, of course, but from Discovery Channel.

I think Levi is a good man and I have a lot of respect for him as a volunteer firefighter. In fact, if you want to show Levi you support him on the show and at the very same time, help him raise money for local charities and support places like the Nepture Volunteer Fire Company in Richland, PA.  Go to Ebay and buy one of his t-shirts or bumper stickers because ALL of the money goes directly to charities. It’s not written on the ebay site, but I know it for a fact. If you don’t believe me, ask him on Twitter @Lebanonlevireal.

Here’s the link to the t-shirt.

Levi tshirt

and the bumper sticker.


If an item isn’t listed by “amay-things” it’s not supporting the fire company or any charities.

See you all at 9 on Twitter!


It was warmer today

Yes, it was warmer, but not a heat wave. The snow started melting ridiculously fast so flood warnings were issued. You just can’t win in the winter with mother nature. Unless your one of those “I love the snow, please fall endlessly from the sky” people. If you are, move to Alaska. I’ve had enough snow for the winter season and I’m ready for a beautiful PA spring.

Yesterday I saw a jack-knifed tractor trailer and several stuck in the snow, cars. Today, I only noticed this guy.

This Flagger sign just made my day. It's the little things in life.

                                       This Flagger sign just made my day. It’s the little things in life.

I hear Ying drinking out of the toilet. Ew, gross. At least it’s flushed.

Brian is home. It feels amazing to see him walk through the door. I get a rush everyday.

Matt should be home soon. His Nana and Pop Pop are picking him up.

Tomorrow we are taking them sledding in Dover. The best place to sled is the hill by the Dover Intermediate School.

I’ve been really focused on my other website lately. On Facebook I have a page called “You Know You’re From Dover, PA When…” that has become super popular. I enjoy reading the comments about my hometown.

I hope to grow opposing thumbs. Go Darwin

I hope to grow opposing thumbs. Go Darwin

The baby panda was just cute and I honestly didn’t realize it was a panda. Doesn’t it look like it could evolve to have thumbs? Like 3 million years from now, twirl bamboo. Wait, I distinctly remember panda bears holding things.

Must consult with the Queen Google.

Giant Panda – Panda paws have five clawed fingers plus an extra bone that works like an opposable thumb. This “thumb” is not really a finger (like the human thumb is), but an extra-long sesamoid bone that works like a thumb.

I love learning things through curiosity,


I just need to write

I used to be so faithful with blogging. Sharing what was going on with you all daily and you all loving it cause my life was shitty and made your normal life seem awesome. See, if I write about my daily life now, it would be all sappy about how in love I am with Brian and it would make you all vomit and ruin your keyboards. We can’t have that.

You know what I miss? College. The sense of urgency that everyday I have something I have to be writing and if it’s interesting, I share it on my blog (Ok, so maybe everything I wrote for college wasn’t fascinating, but I tried to keep it interesting) is gone. Not really writer’s block. More like no need to open my laptop. I can’t blog from  my smart phone because really, it’s not that smart.

The ride home from work today was a little touch and go. It’s snowing to beat the band.

What does beat the band even mean? Hold on, I’ll ask Google. She knows everything. There ya go, if you’re curious, after you’re done reading my post, liking it and even letting a comment, which would be FAB-U-LOUS, you can then click the beat the band link. LOL

So I drive straight home from work and really didn’t have much of a problem. My Honda Accord might be 23 years old, but she goes a hellun in the snow. Tesla is at her dad’s house. It’s my week, but because of the weather she stayed at her dad’s after going for her dress fitting. Now it’s been bad here in PA, today being worse than yesterday, and I still haven’t gotten her back. I am SO over this snow. Come on Spring, I welcome you with open arms.

The snow was up to the bottom of my car door at 2:30.

The snow was up to the bottom of my car door at 2:30.

My mom has been in and out of the hospital. That poor woman, I think she’s been sick since I graduated high school. I don’t know how she does it, surviving through pain. Faith in God. We’ve been praying for her, our church, our friends on Facebook. Every time she seems to be getting better, something happens. The most recent something was her trying to sit down on the recliner with it open. It closed on her and she broke two ribs. Just what she needs on top of being sick: broken ribs.

So I’m going to sit back and relax. Read some of my old blogs (I had someone comment that I seemed racist in one of my posts about Esther Schmucker from Amish Mafia. Rereading my post made me laugh.) and read some posts from other bloggers.

Have a great day. If you’re not in snowy PA your ahead of the game.


Japanese Castle Hotel

Pattie Crider:

Fabulous blog about abandoned places…check it out!

Originally posted on Abandoned Kansai:

Japan and Germany are both famous for their castles – the ones in Japan are either tourist attractions or (in very rare cases) abandoned. In Germany there is a third kind, the ones that were turned into accommodations. Youth hostels, hotels or private homes; usually located in a very beautiful landscape on top of a mountain. To the best of my knowledge all “castle hotels” in Japan are hotels NEAR famous castles, not former castles themselves. Until a few years ago there was one sort-of exception, a huge hotel that kind of looked like a pre-modern fortress, but was a post-war concrete construction – similar to the tourist trap called Osaka Castle… ;)
Then the Great Tohoku Earthquake a.k.a. 3/11 hit the northern half of Japan in 2011, and while the hotel was spared the flood, it suffered some damages from the earthquake and its aftershocks. Even worse: tourists avoided…

View original 721 more words

Snow Humor

Most people either love snow, or hate it with a passion. I’m somewhere in-between. I don’t mind driving in it, it’s the idiots that can’t drive in snow that scare me. There’s plenty of people who can’t seem to drive, add snow and it’s a real mess in York County,PA. I like playing in the snow, especially sledding, with the kids but since my slip on the ice and injuring my shoulder I don’t want to sled and risk injuring it further.

We did play outside today and it was fun. Bitter cold, but fun.

Enjoy the snow meme’s.


Brace yourselfbuffalo-snow-meme Goddamn-Snow-I-Got-Important-Things-To-Do Oprah Pulp Snow Roof-Left-Open-in-Snow-Meme snowcaine Snow-storm-meme-630x472

England Takes a Bad Turn OR Stupid York County Intersection

I belong to a group on Facebook called You Know You’re From York, PA When. It was this group that gave me the idea to do the You Know You’re From Dover, PA When page. Anywho, I posted this photo by Thommy Abbott in the York Group. Thommy is a volunteer firefighter at Lincolnway Volunteer Fire Company. He works in security at Allied Barton. I know all this from stalking his Facebook page.

Enough about Thommy (which I pronounce in my head with the Th and not To) and onward to the actual photo and comments that followed.

You know you’re from York PA when intersections are just laid out stupid.

Starview Rd & George St York 1

I knew this photo would get Yorkers going on Facebook. The England driver was going to be ribbed and the intersection was going to be declared dangerous (as it should be) and I couldn’t wait to read the comments.

Starview Rd & George St York 2

A truckload of Harley’s dumped onto George Street?! OMG that is horrible!  My comment on where the driver came from is just a guess. I didn’t see this happen, but I would have been glad to stop and take pictures if I had.

Starview Rd & George St York 3

I don’t know what the driver was thinking, if he was just following his GPS, lost, or just having a really stupid moment that he would seriously regret.

Starview Rd & George St York 4

This time there was lime deodorant in the comments. That made me pause for translation.

Lots of stories about vehicles getting stuck at the George/Church/Starview intertrap, I mean, intersection.

Starview Rd & George St York 5

Necole (love the spelling, props to her momma-what’s up with York Countian’s name spelling?) shared another view of the England debacle from inside her school bus. Look, the light is green Nicole. Stop rubbernecking. . . just kidding. I’d have been rubbernecking.

Starview Rd & George St York 6

So the comments were informative and funny. Lots of people think there should be changes to the intersection BEFORE someone has to die.

What do you think?


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