Mar 4, 2007 Weird Dreamin

Mar 4, 2007 Weird Dreamin

Current mood:tired Friday night I dreamed my bestfriend Malinda and my hubby dissappeared Saturday night and was up to no good while we were watching the group Back in Black perform. Then Malinda came back but I couldn’t find John. When I did, I was pissed and said I was leaving the bar and took the keys. When I got outside the bar some guy told me if I dipped my change into this special liquid it would clean it. I did and my coins came out real shiny! Then zombies appeared on the street and we had to throw the coins at them to make them die. This guy jumped in my car with me and tried to drive us away from the zombies but we kept running into dead ends and almost got hit by a train. Fortunately I woke up before this dream got any more stupid.

 I dreamed Monday night that I was working at Gordon’s Jewelers and I went in the back to the break room. When I opened the door a man was behind the door and he kinda scared me but I thought he was a new employee. Suddenly he grabbed me and was choking me with both hands. I tried to scream out to the other employees but couldn’t make a sound so I bit him in the hand. I woke up biting my own hand.

I think I might need therapy….

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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