Rush PA the paperwork….sit and wait, then SURPRISE!!

Hello Pennsylvania….a commonwealth…good ole PA. Really, all the paperwork I fill out for you? The forms, receipts, triplicate!
You have my social security number, issued my driver’s license, approved my name changed prior to a final divorce decree. I report my earnings, my child support, alimony, where I live, how much we eat.
Sweet Commonwealth, I have such trust in you. I rush the forms and receipts you need to process my tuition funds. Not once, but twice. The second copy of the receipt for college books needed in the next term marked “Please Rush” in desperation of check delivery.

Mail, on the kitchen table….from PA!! For me, my fundage for school books problemo. Tearing open the envelope, impressed at the speed of my new caseworker response. This dude is like my 5 caseworker. Why shuffle us around like cards? I hate retelling a new social worker all the BS on how I got in this perdicament…. Thinking as I tear, “how long will this take? how will I handle any differences in the funds?”
I stop breathing. Ok, actually was holding my breath. I see at the top of the paper one simple black checkmark. In a little box, as usual for the government’s forms. Denied. What?! DENIED?! I have professors lending me books until my funds come in! What state employee dropped the ball this time?

PA, at times a generous commonwealth, assists me in going to college. Wonderful…almost a full scholarship for my associates degree. I am blessed.
Unfortunatly I am cursed by the PA Assistance Program. Each department in PA appears to run independantly. Very little communication between state worker’s in Labor & Industry, Welfare, Domestics, etc. One department approves a scholarship, another childcare assistance. Food stamps here but child support and alimony over there. Special allowance for mileage in my Commonwealth purchased vehicle so I can drive my daughter to daycare, pick her up when it’s my custody time, buy groceries to feed my family on their tab. Special allowance for a MathLab CD….but when the serious tab (about $400 for this term) is documented and delivered twice…DENIED. Sigh…appeal.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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