Sledding in my car!

I lost control of my car driving to class.  It didn’t take more than a few seconds.  I was driving on Bull Rd in Dover.  Just as I was approaching a church I realzed my car was sliding sideways… for an eternity.   Then hollywood style, it turned around at the last second.  I saw the stonewall in my rearview mirror and thought “I’m going to wreck my car!”  I prepared for the airbag to go off, but came to a complete stop and nothing happened.  Frozen in shock, it took me a little bit to grasp what just happened.  I got out of the car and saw the wall at the corner of the graveyard was actually bushes.  What a relief even though I didn’t hit it.

  A car stopped to check on me.  She was very nice and could see how shook up I was.  Some jerk drove around her and I.  I supposed I was holding him up!  I moved my car easily and drove into the parking lot.  Had to take a moment to get a grip after that experience.  Just before this, I had pasted a dump truck that slid off the road and another truck was helping him.  Even before I left my home, I was slipping around trying to clean my car off!  I should have realized then it wasn’t worth trying to drive on the unplowed, no cinder, country roads.  So I am home, waiting for my nephew who just arrived at school to come home immediately in the egg carton busses.  It’s just not safe out!!


  1. Susan Crider says:

    Well I’m just glad you’re safe. I had a bad feeling about this crap hole weather…my suspicions were correct. I’ll feel better when bub gets home. Loved it!!!!! Keep up the mad writing skillz!!!!

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