Obsessed with everything

How not to label your kids clothes

who does this?!?!

I couldn’t help but notice the huge DAD written in permanent marker on my daughter’s pants tag.  I looked twice as I turned them inside right, preparing them for the laundry.  Yes, it did say DAD on Tesla’s pants.  So I grab her shirt and checked out the tagless Walmart blouse.  It’s really cute shirt with a little carousel horse on it.  Tesla just LOVES horses and this was the first I ever saw this outfit, clearly new.  Yes, it did say DAD on the inside of her tagless shirt.  WHO labels their child’s clothing with DAD?  Even if he did buy it for her (or perhaps a new girlfriend did) it’s still TESLA’s clothes.  At what age does a child of a man who is obsessed with what he has and what he can buy stop seeing DAD inside her clothes, new or old.  Eventually, new clothes are old.  This whole situation is just getting old, but never dull.  Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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