Zeth goes to college

So I tell my son Zeth I’m taking him to a lecture with me tonight.  The lecture was about the civil war, slavery, Gettysburg.  I assured him it wouldn’t be as bad as history class and he might even find it interesting.   Zeth met my professor, Dr. Kennedy on the way in.  Zeth immediately put out his hand to shake after the introduction.  Inside my head I’m thinking, “good job son…I have raised you right.”  Dr. Kennedy said, “you made your son come in for this?”  I said “yep, can’t hurt.”

Wow, I was wrong.  Of all lectures, I drag Zeth to the most boring York College lecture I ever attended.  The speaker’s voice was monotone and I found myself losing interest.  Didn’t think it could be possible, but this lecture made war and slavery boring.  I looked over at Zeth and his eyes were closed.

So we ditch the lecture…and to his delight, the lobby was now set up with fruit, cheese, crackers, cookies….That cheered him right up.  I had to cut him off at 3 cookies.  Damn, they were good.  Lecture, not so good.  Sorry son!  It was only extra credit…for me.


  1. d r wolf says:

    poor Zeth…. now he knows to never go with you to school again unless he is hungry

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