Sept 11, 2004

It was a fateful fall day back in 2004. I was out exercising by taking a walk through Red Lion, PA. The sky was sunny and I was breaking a sweat walking up RT 24 towards Cape Horn Shopping Center in Dallastown. As I broke the top of the hill I looked down upon Dallastown and the flurry of traffic coming and going. While i took a few minutes to catch my breath i called my bbf, Jean and wished her a happy birthday. She was in the middle of gambling in Atlantic City, a trip I desperately wanted to go on. All our close friends were going, Scott, Malinda, Bob, Kim and Dave. But, I was a single mom of two and couldn’t justify gambling. We chatted just a few more minutes and I turned around to head back home and Jean went back to gambling. I had a few things to get done by noon and one of them was running my sons back out to Cape Horn to go to Blockbuster Video.

That trip to Blockbuster to return “The Punisher” on Sept. 11,2004 changed my life forever!!! Little did I know, I was meeting “The Punisher” and would become his next victim for 7 plus years.

Next blog….Blockbuster:slightly damaged selection


  1. Its unbelievable that you feel the need to air your trash in the public eye! Lets be honest here what did you do to destroy your marriage? And can you explain why it is a Judge ordered you stay off your exhusbands land?

    • Actually, it’s still our land. These blogs are just what is currently going on in the long divorce proceedings. I don’t feel I did anything that should have came to him filing for divorce. I loved him. It’s actually a damn shame that what all has passed since 2004 because it’s not a pretty story. Sure there will be blame thrown around on both sides but a judge will decide in the long run. Why am I not permitted on my own property? He made it certain through help of others that a judge would determine he could move back into the household. He was originally the one not permitted in the house. It’s a long story…complicated…emotional. This is my outlet. Feel free to read. Best regards ~P.

      • It just occured to me that if you think this is “dirty laundry” then perhaps you don’t want to read my blogs. What’s going on now barely scratches the surface of unbelievable emotional trauma before the separation. I have shocking stories that are reality. My reality, that changed me as a person from the chance meeting of my husband. They are one of a kind.

      • Real brain power on display. Thanks for that aesnwr!

  2. I was researching how blogs work and came across yours and some others but you like someone I meet once at a swingers club. Sureyour not that girl but she was into some weird stuff and it was driven by her not her husband. Anyway, there are always 2 sides but both sides are always to blame. Just ashame you feel the need to air your our trash on a site you also post pictures of your daughter. I will not be reading again.

  3. I just had to comment on what Kate said…….I am very proud of you Pattie for taking the high road and not telling her to go fly a $%#@*&% kite. What a condensending smart ass comment. Obviously this blog is going to be about YOUR vents and frustrations as it YOUR blog. If she doesnt like people “airing” their problems then perhaps she should stop reading blogs!

  4. Maybe Kate thinks you should keep it all bottled up until you go postal and start shooting. Ugh. Oh well. Stay strong girl. We know you and love you just the way you are.

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