Construction, Overheated, Rain & One Long Needle

Yesterday I made an appointment to see my doctor about my foot.  Almost daily, my foot swells up and I have terrible pain, making walking difficult.  I was thrilled to get an appointment the next day, before I had to chew my foot off due to the pain.

There is no way possible to travel in York County without getting caught up in the construction.  One would think Pennsylvania has the best kept roads and bridges with the constant sight of Penn DOT workers on the roads.  Trust me, they are faking work.  😉

Follow the arrow for more construction!

Follow the arrow for more construction!

Father's Day 2013 026

I got to Windsor and noticed my car was overheated.  Probably from sitting, waiting my turn to get past the Penn DOT workers.  Great…so much for making it to my doctor appointment on time.  I pull into Rutter’s to let my car cool down.  I had a gallon of water in the car, prepared if it should overheat.

Ying car sits while I go into Rutter's for a drink.

Ying car sits while I go into Rutter’s for a drink.

When I came back out from getting a YooHoo and a chicken sandwich, there was a stranger beside my car.  He had a little bowl of water for Ying and asked me if I needed help with my car.  I told him I was waiting for it to cool down before I took the radiator cap off.  He had gloves and a rag in his work truck and went to get them, while I got the gallon of water out of my trunk.  When he returned, he took  care of removing the cap and pouring the water into the tiny little hole.  What a nice guy! (and easy on the eyes too!)

One nice deed completed for this guy, on his way home from second shift.

One nice deed completed for this guy, on his way home from second shift.

Now I’m back on the road and less than five miles to my doctor’s office.  I had called and told them I would be late but I had to let the car cool down, or I wouldn’t be going anywhere in my car in the future.  My 92 Honda looks like a piece of crap, but I love this car.  I paid $42 for it, it starts every day and it is cheap on gas.  As long as I can keep it running, I will drive this car!

So, I finally get to the doctor’s office and they take me back in a timely matter even though I was twenty minutes late.  I talked to my doctor, Carl, about my foot hurting again and he decided a cortisone shot was in order.  We also discussed what vaccines and immunizations I will need prior to my India trip.  He was going to start the vaccines, but the cortisone shot was more important.  One shot for the day was enough for me!  I take pain well and Carl was impressed.  He said, “You didn’t even flinch!  And you’re taking pictures too?”  I told him after giving birth, not much compares.

Do needles freak you out?

needle to footWhile we were discussing my foot, Carl noticed the huge bruises on the inside of my thighs.  He asked what the heck that was from and I explained.  “While trying to impress Tesla, I rode my bicycle down the cement stairs at the park.  My leg went under the seat and bruised me.  It’s been three days, so it’s not too bad.”



My doctor visit was over and I headed out the door.  The sky was so dark; a storm was imminent.  I had just posted on Facebook that a storm was brewing and five minutes later it hit.  I just love a good storm.  The more lightning and thunder, the better.  The construction workers, not so much.  Here are a few parting shots on my way back home.

skinny slow

skinny slow

Big Boy Slow

Big Boy Slow


L shaped clouds

L shaped clouds

Rainy Pennsylvania Days

Rainy Pennsylvania Days

The Tuesday night Boot Camp at York Daily Record has been canceled due to the rain.  I imagine the field where we exercise is marsh land right now.  I couldn’t have participated tonight anyway as my doctor said to take it easy on my foot, especially the first 24 hours.  It’s rescheduled for Thursday and I will be there, just not pushing my foot to hard.

How was your day?!

Happy Rainy Tuesday,



  1. Michelle says:

    Omg that needle in your foot looks like it hurt! Do they numb you for such a thing?

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