A MisText: Texting the Wrong Number

I was reading my Facebook feed, catching up on my friend’s day. I came across this status update by my friend from high school, Ben Snelbaker:

My daughter got this text last night by mistake, it is so heartfelt that I had to pass it along. Im doing this in hopes that people will put her in there prayers or want to reach out and say some kind words to her. My daughter text her back and I text her for awhile, she was so overjoyed that two strangers would reach out and give her words of encouragement. I know everyone on Facebook knows someone or maybe even struggled with there own addiction. After texting her, she is depressed because she has lost everything and believes there is nobody left in this world that wont judge her for what she has done. This girl is in her early 20’s.
This is her text sent to my daughter by mistake:
” Thank you for getting me out, thank you for being the only one to ever help me like everytime before this time. I wish I could say this to you in person, but I really want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for how I screwed up I am and the horrible things ive done to you and grandpa… I was extremely selfish and ungrateful. . You guys have always given me everything, the car,the trailer, the money, clothes, shoes, school, everything. .. im very sorry that I let you down but I was always the good kid before I started doing drugs and it just completely changed me as a person and I didn’t even know who I was… I still kind of dont but im trying to figure it out and get back on the right path. I never wanna end up in jail again and I just to start proving to you guys and everyone else that I can be a decent human being. It really hurts me that I did what ive done to you guys and it bugs me more than anything else. Besides the money and everything it can buy, I want you to know that I really do love and appreciate you and everything you do for me.. I just want to show you that I can be different and worth it this time”

Everybody deserves a second chance in life, I would hate to see her going back to being an addict or even worse, dead from an overdose.
Thank you all if you read this and at least said a small prayer.


I’m praying for this young girl, that she stays strong and lives a better life, fixing her wrongs and hopefully finds Jesus as her savior if she hasn’t already.

If you pray, I hope you’ll join us.


It pisses him off


I haven’t written about life in a long while. My need to write or fear or explosion is gone, but this not writing at all is unacceptable. It’s my husband and television to blame.

I had someone who has been reading my blog, from the beginning, in one day, drop me a note.

Hi! I just found your blog today and really love your writing!! It’s comical, edgy, and heart wrenching all in one!

I’m trying to catch up on the story… did your divorce ever get finalized? Did your ex marry Heather? Are you still with Dale? Who is Brian? Sorry… I know I’m cheating like flipping to the end of the book! LOL

I’ve skimmed through as many posts as I have time for (at work!) and can’t seem to find these milestone posts! Hope you and your daughter are doing quite well!

Good to know I can help someone get through their day at work. LOL

Ok, so I’ll just kinda pick up with today.

Even though I divorced John over a year ago, my name is still on the mortgage. He had six months to remove my name. We went to court 6 weeks ago and I said he could have two more months to assume the remaining mortgage or remortgage our property. This was part of the settlement and a payment plan that I agreed to stretch-out for 8.1 years so he could easily afford it and keep the house.

He hasn’t even applied. I talk to Wells Fargo more then he does and I don’t even live there. I’m over his drama. So, it’s back to court again.

Brian had to pick up Tesla at John’s tonight. I felt bad for him to be honest, because I know John can’t shut up. No matter who he’s around, he has to bitch about me. So John’s mouth is running like that proverbial duck’s backside and Brian let’s him ramble on and on as entertainment.

It’s worthy to note that John thinks I act differently in front of Brian then how I would if he weren’t present. John implied that I actually wasn’t the great person that Brian believes. Really John. It’s over. Let it go. I’m married to Brian now. (Is the song in your head suddenly?)

Part of his rambling was about Tesla not wanting to go to Disney World next year with us over Father’s Day weekend. I told Tesla we would go then because it fit everyone’s schedule that was attending. She feels guilty and wants to be home with her dad. I get that, but there are eight people involved in this trip. Brian’s parents are taking us, and now Brian is trying to work out other dates with his nephew’s and son’s schedule. Yes, I’m frustrated.

I think John should have been supportive considering the situation and just said to Tesla that it’s fine for her to go on a week’s trip to Disney and spend Father’s Day with her stepdad and step grandfather next year. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

I have other opinions. Like Dale should stop trying to contact me. Yeah, that PFA has expired but that doesn’t mean I want be friends. My friends don’t even want to be his friend. Dale shouldn’t be texting John to tell me “hi” and John shouldn’t be telling Tesla to tell me that Dale says hi. WTH? Dale and John are both duh, and I’m being nice.

So my favorite part of Brian telling me about John’s monologue is: John said it pisses him off every month when he has to sign that $500 check that’s being mailed to me.

That made my night.


Opinions: everyone has them

I read something yesterday that at first really didn’t bother me that much.

I’m very involved in social media because it allows me to be social with friends and family and stay in touch.

So what bothered me, after thinking about it all day, was my third cousin’s post about being old-fashioned in the sense that he doesn’t believe in…hold on, I’ll just copy his post.

“Sorry but I’m old fashioned. I have a right to my opinions. I don’t believe there should be public breastfeeding or gay marriage. Everyone has their opinion and I respect that. Just don’t put down my opinion because you don’t agree with it. And I won’t put down yours. Simple as that”

Pattie Crider I don’t let either bother me. Has nothing to do with being old -fashioned, more open minded. I’ve been judged, I don’t judge.

Ok, my third cousin gets to have his opinion and I am more than fine with him sharing it on Facebook, but I would like to point out a few things to him.

First, you’re 19, not married, without kids, working in the family business and living at home. (I think I got that all right, not that you’ll probably read this) And you are a redneck, just as I am.

Second, when you’re not the things I just mentioned (except perhaps the family business and redneck part) you might feel differently.

Now I base this reasoning on how much I’ve changed over the years. I am much less judgmental then I was at 19. Notice I say “much less” because I’m still judgmental. Everyone is judgmental, you can’t escape it.

I never hid from my family, or anyone for that matter, that I was in a relationship with a woman for a long time. I’d say around 3 years of my life. We walked in public holding hands, did activities as a couple including going to my family events when we were “permitted” to attend. Sometimes I wasn’t invited or if I was, it was just me and I chose not to attend. Some of my family REALLY held it against me, others didn’t seem to care. Clearly I have chosen to marry a man and live as husband and wife and not have any involvement with anyone else, male or female.

So I chose men, specifically one man, to have physical relations with for the rest of my life.  Would I have married my now ex-girlfriend had it been legal? Probably. Good it wasn’t legal for me at least, because divorces aren’t cheap and I know now I was in a wrong relationship. It was wrong for me because I’m not a lesbian. If lesbians want to get married and it’s legal, feel free. Same with men. Not my business to judge them. God will do that in the long run.

Now for the breastfeeding in public, my very sweet, nice guy, third cousin; babies need to eat and sometimes it happens to be in public. Should women have their boob out, all making it dramatic, and showy? No, that’s just ridiculous. Feed the baby with a light blanket over them and all is good in the world. The baby gets warm, easy access, healthy milk and no one ever notices. Someday, if you have kids (and I hope they are not homosexual because you obviously might have an issue with that), you’ll appreciate the availability of the milk that comes free from a mother. Breastfeeding is natural and not something that should be found on a no-no list.

Just my opinion,


I Hit the Lottery


It’s been an exhausting day. Not so much physically as mentally.

My morning began with learning a new job at work. I’m all about learning at work because I like where I work. It’s less than 15 minutes from home, I make my own schedule, my boss is super cool and the employees are really nice people. I guess the downside of my job is I don’t get paid as much as I’m worth, but hey, the rest makes up for it. I figure until my boss ready to retire I’ll have learned enough to just move my office one door down to his. LOL

So while learning a new job, I received horrible, news. A mother and daughter that work in the plant lost their son/brother last night. I was told he was 29 and his girlfriend had broken up with him. He left his sons with his dad and then went home and took his life. I was shocked and felt so bad for the whole family. They are really nice people and being a mom/sister myself, I nearly began to cry. I’m praying for the family.

Brian finally got the official, “you got the job” notice today. There is SO much that needs done before taking a job as a police officer. He starts next week and I couldn’t be prouder of him. The chief of police asked him to submit a resume for the position so we knew if he interviewed he would be offered the position as supervisor. I shit you not, I hit the lottery marrying this awesome man.

So it’s been an up and down day, but any day I’m still alive and kicking is a good day.

Now, we’re heading over to my Cousin Amy’s house to visit. Tesla and Haley love hanging out.

Do me a favor, if you read this from my link on Facebook, write “Up and Down” in the comments on my blog or on Facebook.

Thanks, you rock.


Reminds Me of Dirty Cotton

Ying and I are home chilling on the couch; I have a spiced rum and coke, he has a strange smell to himself that he wishes to share with my legs and butt, nearly curled in a circle, chin resting on my right foot. This is a big no-no, but I let him snuggle when Brian’s not home. Shhh, don’t tell.

I am watching Access Hollywood for no particular reason. Katy Perry is on. Tesla loves Katy Perry. Those costumes from her tour are amazing.

Wow, Bruce Jenner is really changing his looks.  I’ve never seen his show. I bet that’s crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy, activity on my blog has been crazy, especially yesterday. The Amish Mafia post kicked up a storm. Not as big as Lady Gaga creating her own religion. I’m not sure where balloons fall for popular posts. Don’t mind me. My brain wanders, but does return.

Today was less busy with visits, as the regular followers of Amish Mafia already read it. They’re usually one-shot readers. Instead, today it got specific as comments mounted and defenses on both ends went up. I have no idea if the Amish Mafia people read my regular, usually rather boring, life posts. (I have no idea who reads my blog unless you like or comment) I am the middle of the tug-of-war between one woman, with a supposed load of emails from the lead character, where they have a love affair online. The other end of the rope is another woman involved with a character on the show. Seriously, it could be an episode on the show, except it’s real life.

Moving on, the York Mayor was in a commercial about helping homeless children in York. I met Mayor Bracey at a function for the Youth Center.   We talked quite a bit and she knew Brian well. Brian’s considering a career change.  She would make a great reference.  I think she’s doing a good job. Of course, I don’t walk down West Jackson Street after dark either.

Ying moved to the other end of the couch. I guess my ass and legs weren’t comfortable enough. He needs his hair trimmed. The fuzz on his butt is getting out of control, like squirrels fought a battle there. It reminds me of dirty cotton.

dirty sheep

Thirty minutes till my man is home.


It was warmer today

Yes, it was warmer, but not a heat wave. The snow started melting ridiculously fast so flood warnings were issued. You just can’t win in the winter with mother nature. Unless your one of those “I love the snow, please fall endlessly from the sky” people. If you are, move to Alaska. I’ve had enough snow for the winter season and I’m ready for a beautiful PA spring.

Yesterday I saw a jack-knifed tractor trailer and several stuck in the snow, cars. Today, I only noticed this guy.

This Flagger sign just made my day. It's the little things in life.

                                       This Flagger sign just made my day. It’s the little things in life.

I hear Ying drinking out of the toilet. Ew, gross. At least it’s flushed.

Brian is home. It feels amazing to see him walk through the door. I get a rush everyday.

Matt should be home soon. His Nana and Pop Pop are picking him up.

Tomorrow we are taking them sledding in Dover. The best place to sled is the hill by the Dover Intermediate School.

I’ve been really focused on my other website lately. On Facebook I have a page called “You Know You’re From Dover, PA When…” that has become super popular. I enjoy reading the comments about my hometown.

I hope to grow opposing thumbs. Go Darwin

I hope to grow opposing thumbs. Go Darwin

The baby panda was just cute and I honestly didn’t realize it was a panda. Doesn’t it look like it could evolve to have thumbs? Like 3 million years from now, twirl bamboo. Wait, I distinctly remember panda bears holding things.

Must consult with the Queen Google.

Giant Panda – Panda paws have five clawed fingers plus an extra bone that works like an opposable thumb. This “thumb” is not really a finger (like the human thumb is), but an extra-long sesamoid bone that works like a thumb.

I love learning things through curiosity,


I just need to write

I used to be so faithful with blogging. Sharing what was going on with you all daily and you all loving it cause my life was shitty and made your normal life seem awesome. See, if I write about my daily life now, it would be all sappy about how in love I am with Brian and it would make you all vomit and ruin your keyboards. We can’t have that.

You know what I miss? College. The sense of urgency that everyday I have something I have to be writing and if it’s interesting, I share it on my blog (Ok, so maybe everything I wrote for college wasn’t fascinating, but I tried to keep it interesting) is gone. Not really writer’s block. More like no need to open my laptop. I can’t blog from  my smart phone because really, it’s not that smart.

The ride home from work today was a little touch and go. It’s snowing to beat the band.

What does beat the band even mean? Hold on, I’ll ask Google. She knows everything.

http://www.word-detective.com/2010/09/beat-the-band/ There ya go, if you’re curious, after you’re done reading my post, liking it and even letting a comment, which would be FAB-U-LOUS, you can then click the beat the band link. LOL

So I drive straight home from work and really didn’t have much of a problem. My Honda Accord might be 23 years old, but she goes a hellun in the snow. Tesla is at her dad’s house. It’s my week, but because of the weather she stayed at her dad’s after going for her dress fitting. Now it’s been bad here in PA, today being worse than yesterday, and I still haven’t gotten her back. I am SO over this snow. Come on Spring, I welcome you with open arms.

The snow was up to the bottom of my car door at 2:30.

The snow was up to the bottom of my car door at 2:30.

My mom has been in and out of the hospital. That poor woman, I think she’s been sick since I graduated high school. I don’t know how she does it, surviving through pain. Faith in God. We’ve been praying for her, our church, our friends on Facebook. Every time she seems to be getting better, something happens. The most recent something was her trying to sit down on the recliner with it open. It closed on her and she broke two ribs. Just what she needs on top of being sick: broken ribs.

So I’m going to sit back and relax. Read some of my old blogs (I had someone comment that I seemed racist in one of my posts about Esther Schmucker from Amish Mafia. Rereading my post made me laugh.) and read some posts from other bloggers.

Have a great day. If you’re not in snowy PA your ahead of the game.


Snow Humor

Most people either love snow, or hate it with a passion. I’m somewhere in-between. I don’t mind driving in it, it’s the idiots that can’t drive in snow that scare me. There’s plenty of people who can’t seem to drive, add snow and it’s a real mess in York County,PA. I like playing in the snow, especially sledding, with the kids but since my slip on the ice and injuring my shoulder I don’t want to sled and risk injuring it further.

We did play outside today and it was fun. Bitter cold, but fun.

Enjoy the snow meme’s.


Brace yourselfbuffalo-snow-meme Goddamn-Snow-I-Got-Important-Things-To-Do Oprah Pulp Snow Roof-Left-Open-in-Snow-Meme snowcaine Snow-storm-meme-630x472

No promotion for my Honda in the Amish Mafia on Girl’s Night

It’s all good. I didn’t get what I wanted, or at least, what I thought I wanted. I threw my hat at this job opening. The head of HR came into my office today. No job change for me and honestly, I’m not upset. Twice my boss, the plant manager, checked on me after he was told I didn’t get the opening. Before he left he said he was really sorry I didn’t get the position because it would have been a little more money for me, but he’s the happiest person there ‘cause he gets to keep me as his assistant. Awwww, he’s so nice.

I stopped after work to get a new key made for my ’92 Honda “gonna live forever” Accord. I ditched the one I had at Mieneke after they told me my car needed a head gasket, timing chain, water pump and oil change at the estimated cost of $1,800. Later I found out there was a hole in the hose and $11 would fix the problem. Mieneke, those rip off artists! I even called and told them I believed their car tech was a lying pile of Ying crap. Ok, I just said I thought he should look into which tech it was, no mention of Ying’s poo. Oh yeah, the key. The clerk looked up my car in the key manual and it only went back to 1998. That made me LOL in Ace Hardware, not something I usually do.

So I’ve been asked by several people when I’m going to be on Amish Mafia. The show airs February 10th at 9 PM on the Discovery Channel. I’m told I’m on the first show. I don’t know for how long. The interview was an hour and a half. Once they’re done editing it will probably be about 3.5 minutes. Hahaha, seriously, I have no idea but I am LOOKING FORWARD TO MY FIRST TIME ON CABLE TV! Oh, yeah!!! Unless the camera really does add 10lbs. Then I will not be liking it. Actually, that’s not true either. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my looks, other than Brian. So anyway, I really go on about Esther and how I think she’s full of herself and ripping people off. I can‘t wait for it to air and I really hope Esther is watching. She should have just talked to me…remember, the pen is mightier.

Tune in

Tune in

Brian messaged me his windshield cracked about 15 inches. Just what we needed. Good we have a spare car. I’m over the cold and snow in PA and super jealous of my one friend Leslie. She’s in FL and is always relaxing on her boat taking pictures of the sunset making me want to drive down there and push her into the water. I’d throw her a life preserver.

I’m going out tonight with some girlfriends and meeting up with my son and his fiancée. Going to eat some delicious Thai at Market Street Café in York. They have the most amazing food and reasonable prices. It’s BYOB also. Not the fanciest of places but the food makes up for it. After dinner we are heading to the Waterway Ball & Grill. I’ve never been there. The reviews online didn’t make it sound like much. I’m only going to see Emily’s Toybox lead singer, Mike Wise, perform acoustic. I’m really looking forward to the evening. I should blow up some balloons. Hmmmm.

How was YOUR DAY?

Relaxing a little right now though I should be putting clothes away,


Cartoons these days


I watch cartoons with Tesla every now and then. It makes her happy and takes me back to simpler days. We love Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry, but the newer cartoons are disturbing.

On one cartoon (I can’t remember which one) the characters were talking about Romeo and Juliet. A male cartoon character says, “why can’t there be a Romeo and Romeo?” Now I have no problem with people’s sexual preferences,  but I think throwing lines like that into cartoons is just ridiculous. When kids get older they can start thinking about whether they want a Juliet or a Romeo in their life, I don’t see the need to have this brought up in a cartoon.

A few days ago we were watching Wynx Club, a truly horrible cartoon simply because the voices are so annoying. They are teenage fairies (scantily dressed) that go to a private fairy school. When a new professor (male) started at the fairy school one of the characters commented on how hot the new teacher was. That just seemed totally out of line. With all the problems schools are having with teachers becoming involved with students I don’t understand why something like that would be written into a cartoon.

Just stick to Bugs Bunny.


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