Book Buzz | West Manchester Twp. writer Pattie Crider wins award at Philly conference

Thank you Sarah Chain and the York Daily Record for the interview.  The print edition is scheduled for next Sunday, June 23rd.

Book Buzz | West Manchester Twp. writer Pattie Crider wins award at Philly conference. <-Click Here  


Philadelphia Writers Conference~Day 2

Day 2 of the conference kicked off with sunshine.  For that I am grateful as my camera and raindrops do not get along.  It was scary driving on the city streets that looked like a stream.  My car is small and I was concerned the rushing water could sweep me off the street.

Here are photo highlights from day 2.

The highlights of the day for me were meeting George Anastasia and winning first place in Nonfiction for “The Prison Visit”  A version of that essay can be read here.

I love visiting Philly and can’t wait to go back!   ~P.

Click the first picture and the gallery will open.

Websites of authors/magazine/promoters I met:

I Write

I write and I enjoy it.  Sick, I know.

When I dream about what I want to do in life, I dream about traveling the world, taking photographs and writing about the experience.

I dream that my photos and essays will have an impact on readers.  That I, as a writer, will make a difference in the lives of others.

I don’t dream of fame and fortune.  If I did, writing would be the wrong career choice.

This weekend is the 2013 Philadelphia Writers’ Conference and I am giddy with excitement to meet so many other writers in one place.  It’s all about contacts!

Dream big!  What’s the point of dreaming small?!


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