Dear John~And the truth is revealed

Dear John,

We were all wondering (Dale, Zeth, Suz and I) what the heck you were doing at the playground with Tesla so early in the morning.

Well now we all know….YOU were playing softball while our daughter was at the playground by herself.  Even worse, Tesla says there weren’t any other little kids there but there was two big boys.

Why the hell are you letting Tesla at the playground alone while you play softball?  I know how fucking important softball is to you.  Hell, you were ready to blow me off the same day I miscarried with our second child because you had a softball game.  I had to guilt you into staying home with Tesla and I after I lost our baby.  (which you blamed on me)

Obviously you couldn’t watch Tesla while you played ball.  She said she screamed really loud because her arm hurt so bad.  I told her I was sorry she got hurt and she shouldn’t have been there alone.  Her response was, “Daddy said I could.”

Maybe I should be glad she only suffered a broken arm (which needs surgical pins implanted tomorrow.)  It could have been even worse, say someone kidnapping her.  Bob Hoffman stadium isn’t exactly the safest neighborhood for a little girl to be playing alone on a playground.

What the fuck were you thinking?  Oh wait, I know….only about yourself.  To the point you wouldn’t even let Tesla be with me after you were too busy to keep an eye on her to start with.  It’s not like it would have hurt her more to spend the rest of the day with her mom.

Here’s a thought!  You could have called me and told me to meet you at the softball field so you can play your game and Tesla could spend time with me.

God forbid you let me have a little extra time with Tesla.

Once a selfish bastard, always a selfish bastard.

I can’t wait to be divorced from you…..and have custody of our daughter.


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