Morality: What’s God Have to do with it?


God is NOT necessary for a moral standard

People in general tend to look to God for all the answers but in this day and age I firmly believe we need to look at our own families and friends to help instill morals. There is no scientific proof that morals are an inborn trait so that indicates morality must be taught to a child. God will have no hand in making someone moral or immoral; the only hand God has in all this morality is the judgment of the behavior of humans based on their actions.

In our textbook, Ganssle addresses two statements as facts: (87)

  1. Some geckos eat crickets.
  2. It is wrong to torture a cat to death just for fun.

He states in his opinion that both statements are true facts because the statements are moral facts, based on normativity or in simple words, what we ought to do (or not do)(89). Ganssle states the theory of individual relativism in which each human perceives what is moral or immoral individually (90) and this can vary between people. What is “wrong” in some people’s eyes may not be “wrong” to another person.  This is all based on individualism and not on God or how God created us. It is our culture and how we are raised, our cultural relativism, which instills our level of morals (93).

If God does not instill morals within humans at birth, where do humans learn moral conduct? Another source that seems likely would be through the educational system. God has been removed from the school grounds by the court system, placing the responsibility of teaching morality on the teachers. Charles Colson states in his article “Can We Be Good Without God?” “In education, the same kind of court-enforced secularism has been so successful that teachers may hand out condoms in school, but they are forbidden to display a copy of the Ten Commandments…students may indulge in any kind of activity in school, but they are forbidden to pray (464).” God has been removed from the educational system so the morality standards instilled in children are not religiously based. Colson quotes German professor of logic, Immanuel Kant, as stating that God is irrelevant, that he may exist but he is separate from the rest of life and that students are in fact “taught to have an inner capacity to do good rationally” (464), not basing their actions on God or the repercussions of breaking God’s commandments.

So what does this mean for humanity? Jack Miles offers this possibility in his book Does God Love? “Yes, the innocent do suffer and the wicked prosper. The world is immoral—in effect, ruled by a fiend (247).” Miles may be suggesting that God himself is the fiend, or that it is the devil that reared his ugly head, causing the world to be immoral. If that is the case then again, God cannot be necessary for morals if he or his polar opposite is actually the cause. In reality it does seem as those who are immoral do prosper over those who seek the higher road, showing pity and empathy towards humanity but keep in mind there are people who commit horrific crimes against others and still recognize their acts as immoral. It is the people in one’s life that instills what is right and what is wrong, not a god or the God, that people hold in their faith as a savior and judge of all humanity.



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I’m not dead and neither are you!

I wake up every morning because I’m not dead.  That’s what everyone does, so I’m not special.  I feel special though.  Everyone should feel special now and then.  It is good for the soul.

Alright, if you are reading this, you are not dead either.  So let’s talk about this thing we all have to deal with: life.  Life has its up and downs depending on how much money you have.  Oops, that’s not right.  Life has its up and downs no matter who you are or think you are.  I’ve had people get in my face (or witnessed people in others faces) screaming, “Do you know who the fuck I am?”  Usually they repeat the same line a few times to make their point.  I’ve found that usually the person doing the yelling knows I know who they are.  Perfect strangers don’t walk up and begin screaming in my face, “Do you know who the fuck I am?”  Therefore the question really is pointless.  Of course I know who you are, but if I ain’t fucking you or feeding you I don’t give a shit.

So this life thing is a relatively short period of time.  Some people accomplish great things during their life while others don’t amount to Jack Squat.  If you don’t know who Jack Squat is, you probably shouldn’t be reading this.  In my short 41 years on this planet, I’ve done quite a bit.  Two marriages, one divorce, three children, two careers and now attending college to make my work something I love to do, write!  Attending college as an adult is incredibly rewarding, even more rewarding than attending as a teenager.  As an adult, I never attend classes with a hangover.

Is 2012 the last year anyone gets to graduate from college?  Think of all the consumer goods that have already been printed with dates past December 21, 2012.  All the coffee cups printed with The Class of 2013 will never be drank from, the celebratory grad t-shirts never worn.  I wouldn’t want to graduate in 2013 anyway, because thirteen is an unlucky number.

I’m ready!  I’m ready! I’m ready for the end of the world.  There really is not anywhere I would rather be than with my creator.  While I cherish and love my family and friends here on earth, I know even after my death, I will have the opportunity to see them again.  Being that we are all saved and not going to hell, that is.  I’m saved and have no fear of dying, unless it is a long, drawn out, painful death.  God bless those martyrs through-out time.  I don’t know if I could have burned on a stake while singing hymns of praise, unless God interprets screaming in agony as praise.  On the other hand, if I had been Cassie Bernall, I would have said, “Yes” also, even with a gun pointed at my head, knowing this individual would most likely take my life.  (Columbine High School)  People die every day by natural causes, accidents, illness etc. but you don’t get many people dying in the name of God.

The Romans persecution of early Christians is how martyrs came about.  Cassie Bernall is a modern-day martyr and if someone would ever hold a gun to my head and ask if I believe in God, I firmly believe I would answer “yes” knowing that mostly likely, I would not wake be waking up the next day.

What would your answer be?


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