Tesla turns 6

Tesla had a great 6th birthday!  It was great to have all my kidlings together.  The weather wasn’t too bad….a little chilly.  😉   Thanks to all who helped make the day special!   ~P.


Wanted her hair curled for the party....and make up. 😉


Happy 6th birthday Tesla!

Blue Zebra

Dear Tesla,

Happy birthday to the best daughter in the world!  I love you soooo much!  When you laugh, you make me laugh.  😀 When you cry, sometimes I cry.  Depends.

I am so excited to see you sometime this afternoon.  You should be on the bus right now.

I called your daddy on the phone but he didn’t answer.   He hopefully will let you call.  While he plays softball we can do something else.   We both wait until the last-minute to know what will work best for your daddy.  Maybe he doesn’t know what time his softball is.  It is difficult to say.  😦

I wonder if you are eating at your daddy’s or if Dale and I are taking you to eat.  Last time you fibbed and said you had not eaten with Daddy.  You took one bite of one nugget and you were done eating.  You were the liar for saying you had not eaten.  Someday you will understand.  For now I know, McDonald’s is hard to pass up for you.

Dale will be home soon and you should be getting off the bus.

With all my love….Happy birthday Tesla Rose Delauter….I love you Doodle!

“Yes, today IS your birthday!”



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