Stage of Life, The Spartan & Girlboxer1970 Unite

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Everyone is in a stage of life.  

And they are all personal.

What stage of life are you in?  My life as a college student has grown.  I was hired as an intern at Stage of Life LLC, a company that privately hosts a website to promote writing in and about any stage of your life.  The Spartan is my college’s newspaper.  I write articles and also serve as the online editor of The Spartan.  And last but not least, I am Girlboxer1970, mastermind of writing about my life and finding people who care.

A blog was the best idea Dr. Travis K. ever suggested to me.

I’ve been combining my Spartan articles with my blog since mid 2012.  Now my work as an intern at Stage of will be combined with the written and online version of the Spartan  As a student I have to blog about my experiences in each of the ten main life stages of the website.  In YCP’s Creative Nonfiction class I have to keep a journal.  I write for the newspaper.  I write.  And then, I write some more.

Ever think about writing a blog?  Or an article for a campus or local newspaper?  Soon I will have a column on and will be prompting story ideas, writing about personal experiences, choosing finalists for contest submitted stories, randomly choosing bloggers to feature, and advising on how to write a blog someone will be interested in reading.  That’s what it’s all about.  When people begin to read what you write.

I encourage everyone to check out the Stage of Life blogging community.  If you have a blog, it will give you exposure as you share your stories.  Don’t have a blog?  No excuses…follow me to a membership FREE, AD FREE, and FREE CONTEST website that I am honored to become part of.

Like Stage of Life  and YCP The Spartan Newspaper of Facebook.

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Rock it out, write it now, submit….it’s legit.



He is hunky


Based on the book “The Dark Fields”

This was a movie about a writer who takes a clear pill and in 30 seconds this pill gives him the ability to “know what to do” in his life to survive.  Eddie began taking these pills and always knew what to do next…eventually by taking more he could predict the future.  Eddie was one funny guy, and the movie was excellent.  Actor,  Robert DeNiro really added to the intensity of the flick.

I related to Eddie struggling to survive and liked how he felt free to achieve.  Of course, that was a movie.  🙂  He jumped off a cliff somewhere in the world (well, a stunt double did) and suddenly knew what he wanted to in his life and who to do it with.  I won’t be jumping any cliffs.  Parasailing and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane was enough on my bucket list.

There are so many things I want to achieve in life.  Raising my daughter is most important right now.  I’m thrilled how things are going with Dale and Tesla really likes him too.  I guess Dale and John will have to meet soon.  Whenever John brings it up, he is welcome to meet Dale.  I prefer this over John calling Dale or showing up at Dale’s business.  John is known for doing these sorts of things.  I recommend hanging up on John actually, but I’m sure some people want to talk to him.

Anyway, the movie was great.  Watch it if you get a chance.

Still waiting….limitlessly, for a divorce.



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